Radnevo is a town in southern Bulgaria. It is located in the region of Stara Zagora and near the town of Galabovo. It is the administrative center of the Municipality. The name of the settlement until 1906 was Radne Mahle. The city is the fourth largest in Stara Zagora, after Stara Zagora, Kazanlak and Chirpan. Radnevo is located in the eastern part of the Upper ThracianPlain. The economy of the town and villages of the municipality is mainly built on the development of the energy complex Maritsa East. This determines Radnevo as one of the richest municipalities, and its population has one of the highest average incomes in the country. The population of the municipality is 19 000 people of different ethnicities.


Gelka pic

Gelka Misheva Ovcharova

I have graduated in major "Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering" in the city of Elhovo. I work as a Community Moderator in the Community Development Center in Radnevo. I like communicating with people, being able to give something of me and my personal time to contribute for the change and development of my community. The work requires a lot of humility and patience, but when I can help someone and see the smile on their face, I feel even more satisfied.


Gancho pic

Gancho Doychev Nedyalkov

I have graduated in major "Mining and construction mining technologies" in Radnevo. I work as a Community Moderator at the Community Development Center – Radnevo, because I want young people to change their overall attitude towards life and become active citizens. I like working for the development of the Roma community.