dvudvevno-obuchenie1   On August 3rd and 4th , 2013 Center for Community Development in Knezha, a structure of the "Amalipe" Center, organized training for people of Roma origin wishing to start their own business within a project, initiated by the "New Road" Association in Hayredin. Those wishing to start their own business or optimize an existing one received both theoretical and practical tips from Boyan Zahariev - Program Director of the "Open Society Institute" Foundation in Sofia, Spaska Mikhailova - President of the "New Road" Association in Hayredin, Diana Angelova – trainer and consultant, Angel Angelov, trainer and lecturer at Sofia University, Ivan Dimitrov Hristov - Executive Director of the Local Initiative group in Knezha.

The first day of the training began with a brief introduction and acquaintance with all the attendees of the training - their names, marital status and occupation. The moderator Borko Mishev first introduced himself. Trainers urged the participants to be very active and to ask questions, to respond, and thus to clarify their ideas about their own business. For this purpose, expectations from the training and more specific information were written on the flip chart:

  •           Information about business project and the type of activity / what could be done
  •           Documentation and registration
  •           Financing options
  •           Risks
  •           Regional expert medical commission - deductions

The training continued with a task for the participants to write down their strengths and weaknesses in order to test their ability to manage own business. They had to present their writings and to consider what qualities he/she owns and if he/she is ready to manage the business. Within the next challenge, every participant had to give three ideas for developing business. dvudvevno-obuchenie2After this, the discussion about the appropriate business for participants started. For some of the attendees, it was decided that the second business idea is more suitable for the development of business than the first.

At the end of the first day of the training, a SWOT-analysis of the business ideas was emphasized and tentative questions to be answered were set. The second day started with a procedure for registering a company, specific features, differences between Sole trader and Ltd - starting capitals. Concrete steps to register as a farmer. Ms. Diana Angelova led the discussion and answered the questions. The Executive Director of LIG - Knezha was invited to join the training. He presented the guidelines for application. From the conversation with Ivan Hristov, participants obtained very important information – about the ability of everyone to become a member of the General Assembly of LIG with an application! Through this opportunity, new standards for start-up business and additional points for people of Roma origin and women could be set.